[Retro Review] Freezing – Winter 2011 anime


Retro Posts come from the earlier days of blogging. This Retro Review was on a previous blog and imported over to this current one. Albeit not my writing style anymore in the slightest and quite ill-written, I could not let it just be deleted! Therefore it stays, enjoy. 

After completely forgetting that January means new.anime, I necked out the lineup and did not find many interesting shows as I did the last season. Nothing really caught my eye like the three anime I watched last season (Panty and Stocking, Star Driver, and Samurai Girls) or the two I watched the season before that (High-school of the Dead and Sengoku Basara 2).

I decided to check out two anime: Level E and Freezing. Also, still waiting for Supernatural anime.

I watched Freezing episode one last night. It seems I have some mysterious power to choose fanservice anime. And I rather like that power thank you very much.

Freezing is typical fanservice on its first layer. Lots of panty shots with clothes being ripped out women to the point where even their breasts are out (and not censored). Of course the ladies act embarrassed whenever a guy sees all their goodies.

The second layer of Freezing tries to pretend the fanservice isn’t going on. The first episode sets up a very complex, serious story. The women are called Pandora and, with the help of a younger male called a Limiter, they fight giant creatures called Nova. Someone always seems to die during these fights, or so a character says while explaining everything. As characters explain every single aspect of this anime it is paired with action.

The third layer seems to be some sadistic tournament called Carnival between the Pandora girls in the school. It’s…really graphic and bloody.

There are more layers in this anime and that’s what makes me want to keep watching. Don’t get me wrong, Freezing is pretty standard for an anime trying to have quite a bit of fanservice with a story staged, but that’s one of the genres that keep me watching.

If you’re not put off by excessive fanservice and violence then Freezing is worth checking out.

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