>It’s Raining Bullets – Bulletstorm demo is HOT

>Finally got my hands on something I have been anticipating for quite some time: Bulletstorm.

Shooters have been losing their violent little charm for me (probably for more personal reasons then the games theirselves). I have not seriously played a shooter since Gears of War 2. Bulletstorm just looked more promising then any other shooter that has come out.

And the title. It caught my attention.

After playing the demo (which has a seriously awesome and high replay value for just a demo), I will certainly be purchasing this game on day one. The encouragement of killing with skill and creativity allows for more variety then the focus on getting the most headshots that other games shove in our faces. I only managed to do the two creative kills that the tutorial showed me which brings me to my only beef wig Bulletstorm.

It is quite tedious to set up the kills, especially with a storm of bullets flying at you (see what I did there?). You have to think quickly on your feet so you can rack up points. This game is going to take some practice. I thought I can just pick up the controller and go at it, but that certainly was not the case.

I can not wait to pick this game up and play against my friends. February 22nd needs to hurry up.

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2 responses to “>It’s Raining Bullets – Bulletstorm demo is HOT

  1. >Yea the game look super hot but the whole thing about it being tedious to setup the kills is what makes Bulletstorm so much different than a regular shooter. You have to acquire the skill and what a better way to do it than kinda pressuring you with the leaderboards and the points. It kinda makes u think fast on your feet. Great game makes you want to go back and say what can I do different this time to make more points/laugh

  2. >I definently want to get better. After playing the demo a couple more times I felt kind of useless and was thinking about not even buying the full game, buy I suppose just got to keep at it to get the hang of it

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