>It’s such an incredible feeling to be apart of something that I have – obsessively – wanted to be apart of for such a long time. In my other blog I wrote about how much it meant for me to become a Cadette.

And now I finally am one.
It is so surreal.

When I received the email yesterday I was at my father and uncle’s karate tournament. My phone vibrated and, even in a large crowd of people, I started bouncing on the balls of my feet with excitement! My dream had pretty much come true. For years I had idolized the Frag Dolls and now i’ll be working close to them to learn a thing or two about the ever growing video game industry.

My parents do not really understand what this means, but that is basically the story of my life here in South Carolina. Noone really *gets* me, my passions, or my dreams here. Now I will be surrounded by wonderful people who DO get me and DO understand what I want from my life.

I am so ready to start this incredible adventure. Bring it on.

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