>This Is What the Other Side Looks Like?

>It’s 2 pm. I woke up at about 12:30.

This is what Post Grad Life is like? Unemployed essentially except for a minimum wage job at a shoe store. Watching court tv shows and Cartoon Network. Eating cereal and waiting for my mom to bring me hot food when she comes in from work.

I…do not really like this life.

Sure its easy living, but I feel like a major waste of space the majority of the time. I cross my fingers hoping to obtain a better job so I’m able to save money to move far away from my small town. Atlanta. New York City. Chicago. San Francisco. All of those cities just speak to me.

I want to experience life and be successful. I want millions to read words I’ve written.

But it seems so hard. They did not teach me how to survive once out of college. The likes of Dickens and Voltaire and E.E Cummings and Shakespeare surrounded me but never once told me how to get a JOB once I left the corridors where they chill at.

I absolutely loved my major. I loved reading, writing, forming analysis. I loved writing for the newspaper. I loved running the Japanese club. I miss college, but I am done with it. I want to move forward, but I am caught in some endless limbo and cant escape.

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