>What I Like (and don’t like) about Netflix

>When I was dating a guy I had my first run in with Netflix. He and his roommates each had subscriptions to the service. They would get dvds in the mail and also stream it on their game consoles. It was interesting to say the least, having the stuff that was instantly available to watch. We spent quite a lot of time browsing what we could watch, but, to be honest, I don’t really reccall us watching much through Netflix. We still watched mainly actually dvds, went to the theatres, and burned stuff we wanted to watch.

I did a free month trial of Netflix after much debate. Some people just boast like its the greatest thing since sliced bread so I checked it out.

Streaming was a mess, atleast on my wonky internet service, which is more my fault then Netflix. But the ability to stream movies is probably what makes Netflix as “amazing” as most people claim. After trying to stream a movie constantly – and it failing – I decided to do the mail service.

I do like the speed in which I get dvds. I send one back and it takes maybe a day to get the next in my quene. Most of the movies I’ve watched so far are movies that I probably could’ve brought on dvd because I would like to rewatch them. Yes, that would’ve been more expensive, but atleast I would have had them in my possession. I do have a tv series in my quene next, but getting one dvd at a time is going to take forever to finish the ten season long television show. I also do not think the show is available to watch instantly (i could be mistaken but since I personally can’t watch anything instantly anyway then it doesn’t benefit me)

Netflix is like ten bucks a month though so that’s the best thing about it. Countless movie rentals for very cheap. I used to go to the movie rental place and get maybe 5 movies, all due back in like 2 days. It was pricy and I always had a late fee.
Red Box, a movie sentai vending machine, is also something I like to use. For a dollar I can rent a movie for a day. I think its just as good as Netflix, especially when if has movies ON their dvd release date whereas it takes Netflix so long to get the movie (a month or more).

All in all, I may cancel my Netflix service. It doesn’t really benefit ME personally although others have great success with it. I just don’t like when people have this holier then thou attitude about the service. It isn’t a perfect movie service. What happens when I really want to watch something but it isn’t available at that moment to watch instantly on Netflix (it has happened despite what all you want to think). If I have a dvd or blu ray, I know its there and I can just pop it in. Instant Netflix, to me, seems just like my movie channels on my cable provider. I can peruse what is up there but if isnt there I’m shit outta luck.

I do still love having a physical copy that is MINE and I can always then to to watch. I don’t think netflix will completely take over movies and how we view them until it somehow perfects its service – which is kind of impossible. Out of the movies I have viewed through my time with netflix, I am going to buy the physical dvd of the majority of them.

I guess it is all a manner of personal preference and what a person likes. If theyre patient about their movies and not easily disappointed (or just damn cheap), the Netflix is pretty good – especially with decent internet. If they’re like me and want the ability to go to my shelf and grab a dvd, having them proudly displayed like a testament to my movie geekiness, then Netflix is only a So-so service that is good to have but not the end all be all of movies.

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One response to “>What I Like (and don’t like) about Netflix

  1. >Wow thats crazy that you had so many problems I have had Zero problems with my Netflix. have the 7.99 plan streaming only through my xbox 360 and my Ipod Touch and both are wireless and I have Verizon FiOS. I watch HD stuff all the time and have no problems. Most newer movies I usually buy or download, and I usually only watch older Anime Series and TV series on my Netflix. And by Older Anime just stuff like recently I finished Darker than Black. I guess it all matters on what your really trying to watch I suppose.

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