>Show me some Skin part two

>Decided to list a comparison of the two of what I liked and didn’t like:

-UK Tony was cuter then American Tony. He also had more of a manipulative look about him. I heard that American Tony is 18 but he looked way younger then that, almost around the age of 14. Again, American Tony lacked the personality to fill the role of Tony.

-Michelle was probably the only character that was pretty dead on, atleast for this first episode. American Michelle is prettier then the UK one.

– Stanley was a huge disappointment since Sid was my favorite character. Stanley came off as a little creepy, like the guy noone wants to be around. Sid was just an adorable, awkward kid.

-this Katie character that is supposed to be replacing Cassie is completely different from Cassie, who reminded me of Luna from Harry Potter. I’m not sure I like Katie at all.

-the other four characters aren’t even really worth mentioning in this first episode…I love their UK versions but we really missed out on seeing some of them in this first episode, at least enough to get a feel for them. Right now they seem like nameless background characters. I do miss Maxxie being male and homosexual. I suppose changing him to female (and a lesbian I think?) Is far “hotter” for American audiences. Maxxie was such a great character that had to deal with some shit, but I will see where they go with this lesbian (?) character.

I already can tell the American show is a bit more censored then the UK version. Not a lot of f-bombs or nudity. I never really thought Skins was appropriate for MTV anyway, despite the give “Mature audiences” bit they put before the beginning of the show. Only time will tell if this show is worth watching, which I shall keep doing until it bores me to death. Here’s hoping the show picks up. I do remember thinking the same about the UK version so maybe I will grow to love this one as well.

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