>Getting Stung: Green Hornet starts 2011 Right

>Seth Rogen is a funny guy. Even with plaster and bullets flying around him there is still hilarity – never a dull moment with that guy. And even while kicking much ass, flipping over criminals heads, and punching them in the jaw, Jay Chou can be a funny guy himself.

After seeing the Green Hornet trailer attached to nearly every movie in late 2010 and the quite comical Hardees commercial featuring the two masked vigilantes, January 14 did not seem to be getting here fast enough. Finally, Green Hornet was in theatres and the movie did not disappoint.

The movie was pure fun. If you’re looking for some deep movie with multiple layers, complex characters, and twists woven through out…then this isn’t the movie for you. But if you’re looking for – to quote Seth’s character Britt Reid – “balls to the wall” action, hilarious dialogue, and brilliant coreographed fight scenes then please go see Green Hornet. It’s amazing.

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