>The Walking Dead – Series [so far]

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With one episode left of AMC’s pretty awesome adaption of a comic book, The Walking Dead is shaping up to be a really amazing and captivating series. Episode 5 was perhaps the most emotionally charged episode the series has had. From start to finish it was packed full of moments that stood out. After what I thought was the biggest mistake of the season in episode 4 – the revealing of a lot more survivors then Rick and company – episode 5 clearly redeemed the series in a way that i felt was very successful.

The dichotomy between human versus zombie is not the key focus of this series which is steadily proven as human versus human becomes more clear. Shane plotting to kill Rick in the woods was a shining moment, but there have been many throughout the five episodes that have aired.

But the battle for retaining humanity does not mean the zombies take a back seat. The series meshes all of this very well together. There is still that constant threat of “Walkers” but also the threat of your fellow survivors.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has already strayed from the comic book in several ways (very successful ways for the most part) so it is certainly going to be interesting to see where the series goes in it’s next season. I will certainly be watching.


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