>Punched in the Face – Preview of Sucker Punch


I can not exactly remember when I heard of Zack Snyder’s latest creation. All I know is that it excited me beyond anything…and as more information comes about the film which debuts in March, I can not stop grinning.

The story goes a little something like this:

A girl is institutionalized by her step-father. While in the loony bin, the girl begins to imagine an alternate reality in which the other girls in the institution are also apart of. She begins to hatch an escape plan – needing to steal five objects before she is caught by an evil man (her stepfather maybe? Although that is just my assumption.)

From the recently released teaser trailer, there is nothing that I do not love about what I have seen. Snyder has seemingly blending many styles within this movie and it shows beautifully. I am a girl that loves my costumes and the ladies of Sucker Punch have amazing designs, even if overly feminized and “sexy” for what they are – butt kicking, guns a’ blazing, ninja-like women.

Also, dark tones. I love them. This movie seems incredibly dark and that makes me happy. There is so much potential in the story that I am giddy with anticipation for analyzing.

People across the internet are talking about the cliché names of the ladies: Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, Amber, Blondie, Rocket and Madam Gorski. From watching the teaser trailer my prediction is that this alternate fantasy has the girls working in some sort of brothel or strip club. Just like their institutionalized reality, this alternate fantasy has them feeling trapped with a need to escape. I would love to see the parallels that can be potentially drawn between the reality and the fantasy. As a viewer, I want to be completely invested into both worlds. I think being heavily in the fantasy world, however, will be a-ma-zing. I’m one of those audience members that want something to twist my mind and be completely all over the place (but make sense!) But I’m watching Snyder’s creation, not Nolan’s Inception. Still, I have many high hopes for this movie. The buzz about it has skyrocketed since Comic Con ended and I can only forsee it getting incredibly HUGE before March.

Sucker Punch was one of those movies, like Inception, I wanted to keep for myself because I knew it would be so awesome and I did not want it tainted by the masses. However, it is awesome to be able to share my love of certain films with people that can appreciate them as well.

This movie…will be epic.


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