>First Solid Movie of the SUMMER – Inception

>*spoiler free!*

Sitting here in the food court, I wonder if I’m dreaming. Are all these people projections of my mind? If I tip this chair over will I jolt awake? Or am I took heavily sedated and it won’t work?

Was that entire movie a dream?

Inception clearly blew my mind. The concept of the movie was remarkably fascinating. Dreams are intimate thoughts our mind conjures up. Interfering with dreams seems very invasive and that is just one of the themes this multi-layered movie presents.

The acting was superb. The most surprising performance coming from Ellen Page, or Juno as you probably know her by. She holds her own amongst people that have been at this acting game far longer then she – and she does it well.

Visuals and the musical score accompanied the story and action expertly. I would not expect less from the likes of Christopher Nolan, the director who has done such films like The Dark Knight, The Prestige, and Memento.

After such a lackluster summer of movies, Inception has redeemed my faith in the industry. Not all movies have to be remakes or sequels to be absolutely brilliant.


One response to “>First Solid Movie of the SUMMER – Inception

  1. >100% agrees with you. That movie was great in so many ways. I kept saying the movie was all a dream towards the end, but my girlfriend did not want to believe me. She swears he woke up and actually saw his kids. Honestly I have so many different theories about the story that I may have to see it again just to be sure.

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