[Retro Review] H.O.T.D bites into Summer Anime

Highschool of the Dead Pictures, Images and Photos Retro Posts come from the earlier days of blogging. This Retro Review was on a previous blog and imported over to this current one. Albeit not my writing style anymore in the slightest and quite ill-written, I could not let it just be deleted! Therefore it stays, enjoy.  Highschool of the Dead recently released and boy is it thrilling. It’s plotline is simple: (taken from WIKI) The world is over taken with a very deadly disease that turns humans into zombies. In Japan, several students of Fujimi High School, and the school nurse, band together to survive the present apocalypse. The story follows Takashi Komuro, one of the students who survived in the initial outbreak. So, what makes this so different from other zombie shows? Well…nothing really. Highschool of the Dead or Academy Apocalypse is just simply a thrilling new horror anime, and there have not been many horror anime lately that have really captivated me (the last was probably Gantz years ago). The manga has been out for about two years, but with this new anime the action just comes to life, as it should because i would much rather see a zombie biting into the neck of a helpless school girl in beautifully, animated color then black and white manga. Throw in a love story, some much-younger-then-they-seem classic Japanese highschool students, and the will to survive and you have a great anime. Oh, and don’t forget the fanservice. Whenever possible, there are flashes of panties and jiggling boobs to satisfy any watcher. Those silly Japanese animators and their panty shots. Highschool of the Dead is certainly worth checking out if you like horror, zombies, and survival. It can be watched on Anime Network and episode 2 just released. Some Youtube channels also have the series uploaded, typically in three parts.


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