[Retro Post] Censoring Breaking Dawn Part I


Retro Posts come from the earlier days of blogging. This Retro Post was on a previous blog and imported over to this current one. Albeit not my writing style anymore in the slightest and quite ill-written, I could not let it just be deleted! Therefore it stays, enjoy. 

I know, another Twilight related article, but even if you are not a fan you have to admit the franchise is HUGE. Also, you probably do not like censorship so this article might be interesting to you.

After the announcement that Breaking Dawn would be split into two films, director of the films, Melissa Rosenburg did an interview with the LA Time talking about directing the movie…and how she is going to censor it.

There are many great (and horrible…) things about Breaking Dawn that wrap up the series nicely. Bella finally loses her virginity to Edward, leaving her covered in bruises becasue of his strength, but also making her have sex every other honeymoon scene with him. This results in her getting pregnant with the half vampire Renesmee Cullen. The birth scene is rather violent as the ambiotic sac holding the child is made of vampire skin. Edward eventually has to use his teeth to tear through the sac. If that is not strange enough, the weird shapeshifting “imprinting” phenomenon finally happens. Jacob see’s Renesmee and imprints on her. Yeeeah…weird.

for a very detailed description of the birth scene, I suggest going here.

But, guess what, fans will never get to see that. Fans will not see the birth scene. The director will leave it out so she can keep the film in the PG-13 demographic. While I understand this choice, it quite infuriates me. Did these teenagers not read the book? Of course they did! So imagining in their head and seeing it on screen are different? I can see if they director decided to not have the scene be so graphic because, lets face it, there is a LOT of blood in that scene. And Edward using his teeth to tear the sac? Yeah, gross. Taking the scene out completely almost makes me want to boycott the films. I can not see the story working without it. It’s a major turning point because it also is when Bella become a vampire, something we have known her to want since the first book.

Censorship is horrible in all manners of media. This just seems downright absurd.


2 responses to “[Retro Post] Censoring Breaking Dawn Part I

  1. >I haven't been a fan of the movies, but censorship does upset me. There are dozens of ways a director could approach an important scene without letting the graphic nature get out of hand. It sounds to me like she doesn't want to lose anyone because a scene was too graphics.(Also, I thought Melissa Rosenburg was the screenwriter, not the director?)

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