[Retro Post] Movies That Excite Me: Tron Legacy


Retro Posts come from the earlier days of blogging. This Retro Post was on a previous blog and imported over to this current one. Albeit not my writing style anymore in the slightest and quite ill-written, I could not let it just be deleted! Therefore it stays, enjoy. 

To say that i’m a Disney fangirl is an understatement. Since i was a young child, my head has been filled with Disney via my parents. Trips to the theme parks. VHS tapes of all the movies (and now DVDs that i’m older). Mountains of merchandise. My whole family has always been enchanted by Disney. Love it or hate it, Disney is one of those companies that will just keep rolling no matter what.

When i first viewed the Tron Legacy trailer, it was attached to Prince of Perisa: Sands of Time. I’m not behind in my movie news because I knew the movie was going to be coming soon, but the trailer just seemingly blew my mind. It did not seem to take much to draw me into the world of Tron and want to know more.

At 22 years of age, I barely remember the original Tron movie. It released about five years before I was born and i will honestly say i have only seen bits and pieces of it. Having played Kingdom Hearts 2 multiple times, I am at least familiar wit Tron. Now, i want to watch the movie in its entirety thanks to this new trailer.

The characters, even those that do not offer one line of dialogue in the Tron Legacy trailer, captivate me and I want to know more about them. I have even screencapped the females – for future, cosplay purposes.

This movie definitely excites me. 12/17/2010 can not get here soon enough. Check out the trailer at the youtube link.



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