[Retro Review] Nightmare on Elm Street


Retro Posts come from the earlier days of blogging. This Retro Review was on a previous blog and imported over to this current one. Albeit not my writing style anymore in the slightest and quite ill-written, I could not let it just be deleted! Therefore it stays, enjoy. 

If you’re looking for some authentic recreation, remade, redone, revamped remake of the original STOP RIGHT THERE! DON’T BUY THE TICKET! YOU’LL BE DISSAPOINTED!Although this movie does stick to the original and also features several iconic scenes, that is the movie’s flaw. It is difficult to fill the supernatural, creepy shoes of former Elm Street films with England as Freddy. He’s one of the Big Three slasher/horror baddies of all time (the other two being Michael Myers and Jason).

One thing Freddie has on those two is dialogue, which makes his shoes even harder to fill. I’d like to think Jackie Earle Hayley (JEH) didn’t fill the shoes, but made them fit his feet. However to fans of the series, this will probably be a dissapointment as JEH is a tad bit shorter and uses his Rorscach-esque raspy voice as Freddy. JEH’s performance was still pretty decent (coming from a casual movie-goer expierence and not a fan).The movie had way too much potential that it did not adequately use. Several scenes that could have been ridiculously scary were not at all. This was due to the film attempting to redo a classic which causes dissapointment.

The introduction of what I assume were new scares were, however, not dissapointing in the slightest.The best part of the film was the atmosphere, setting, and transition between reality and dream sequence. Every time one of the kids drifted into a dream there was edge-of-your-seat anticipation about what was going to come next – even if the movie rarely delievered on it. The very pessimistic outlook on the characters survival was probably due to the really detailed settings – from the preschool, the basements, even the Pharmacy. We all know Freddy was a pedo…this movie plays on that fact to a tee nearer to the end complete with witty sexual dialogue from Freddy/JEH. It actually caused laughter at a key point where I think the audience should have been terrified instead.If the movie stood alone and wasn’t apart of a classic franchise, it’ll probably be great. But taking on the mantle of Nightmare on Elm Street and the role of Freddy, it only gets a so-so


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